Today’s ride was Victoria, TX to McAllen, TX. About a 275 mile course for the riders. Very hot. I am still in Bartman’s support vehicle. I received confirmation my bike is safely now in north central Illinois. I will be picking it up next week to begin the disassembly and determine the issue(s).

In the truck we had a leisurely drive through Texas. Lots of open land and interesting sights.

Rolls of cotton.

Once we arrived in McAllen, we set up the parking lot workshop for Bartman. We discussed what to do for dinner and Billy said he would cook steaks for us! Off to the store he went and before you know it he was cooking away!

Once John came in (with a perfect score) we teamed up to do the nightly maintenance.

John is now all set for the 99 mile Ride across the finish line tomorrow. Then the closing banquet.

Over and out.

4 Replies to “Stage 15 (day 16) update”

  1. Billy has my vote! 🙂 Glad your bike is back safe and sound. Only one more day til the celebration. Enjoy the rest of the time with the other Cannonballers. You had a heck of a run and you deserve it. See you back home soon 🙂

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