Oil Priming

Oiling is another thing I am learning here. This engine is a “total loss oil system” which means oil enters the engine and is “trapped”. It does not recirculate back to the oil tank. It accumulates in the engine. Every so many miles the oil needs to be drained from the crankcase to keep the level under a certain amount. You want to start the day with 4 ounces of oil and adjust the oil “drip” to eight drops per minute. So simple yet so complex. Here’s how you start the day.

Shirts shipping week of April 23rd

Shirts will be shipping this coming week. Thank you for all that have ordered already. These are USA made and printed shirts. Supporting American workers. These are available in a women’s scoop neck style ($28) and traditional men’s shirt sleeve ($23). USA shipping add $5 for the first one and $2 for each additional. International shipping will be billed in actual first class fee. If you would like to place an order, send payment and address (using friends and family) to: tribbeycannonball2018@gmail.com

Thanks again.

Cylinder Work

Working on a cylinder getting ready to cut off the damaged base and install a new sleeve/base. We will also have to weld up and machine the intake threads. An experiment so we will see how it goes. I’ll post the “after” results.

Deluxe H-D Restotation

I want to thank my major sponsor Cass and Donna Kuzba for supporting my Cannonball run. They operate a first class top notch shop that helps all of us keep our vintage iron on the road. Cass is a long time parts and service EXPERT and will always tell you the truth. To him it’s not about the sale, it’s about honesty and reliable parts. I am proud to call these folks friends and business partners. Check out their website https://deluxehdrestorations.com/

And call them with any questions or parts needs. They are at Davenport and Wauseon each year. Thanks again Cass and Donna!