Engine parts!

We had a Team Effort meeting last night to discuss logistics and overall strategy for the upcoming Cannonball event. We also discussed the engine work we are involved in over a nice dinner of chicken wings and beer.

The rod and flywheel assembly (including shafts) looks in excellent shape!

Also here is a before and after of the intake valve modified from an automotive titanium valve. The stock valve pocket is also shown.

In the background of the image above you can also see a device that we made to measure spring pressure as we play with different intake springs.

The intake pocket had a cracked guide so a new one was pressed in. Also a little porting was done to smooth out some rough edges. Also rather than a flat horizontal valve to guide surface we machined to a 45 degreee.

All in all we are moving along and feel pretty good on our approach with this engine.

Oh, and the number plate is now mounted!

Over and out for now.

A Lot Done Tonight!

After six weeks without a rear wheel I was not doing much work on the machine. However the wheel showed up today after the rear muscleman hub was looked over by an expert.

Is checked trueness before mounting tire

And installed on bike.

The left pedal crank was stripped out so I installed my “spare” crank

Looks like I may get some riding in this weekend!

Yet More Engine Work

Engine work continues on second motor. The belt tension lever pivot stud was broke off. We will be machining a new stud.

Here’s the inside:

After removal

Machining down cast iron water softener tops for new cylinder fins

Split flywheels for inspection

Slow and steady progress.

More Engine Work

Well actually more supplies for engine work.

Some more valves to play with for intake pocket valve:

And some cast iron material for fin repair:

And lastly some Ampco 45 for valve guide material.

Never a dull moment.

Engine work continues

I know it’s been a while since my last post. That does not mean nothing is going on. Here’s an update on current work. Working on second engine now.

We are having new pistons made by Venolia. Going to try lighter modern pistons.

Flywheels going to be inspected and rebuilt. Initial indications are all good!

Fixture to hold cylinder for run repair.

Claying piston to see how much we can play with new piston height.

Lots of room!

Fabricating a top plug so we can turn the cylinder in the lathe.

Reamer and hand made cutter to increase wrist pin to .625″ (standard pin size as compared with stock .610″).

So all in all going great. Once the weather breaks I’ll be riding! Thanks for following along. Also I still have a few pennants left if you’d like to support my effort.

Price is $20 plus shipping ($4 US and $15 international). If you’d like one PayPal $ and address to: tribbeycannonball2018@gmail.com

Thank you!