More on the pedal cranks

Here is the video of the new castings from Jeff Willis after machining by Mike Lynch. So I now have the original crank set that I will use for show and this new set for more serious riding. It was a great experience dealing with these two guys! Awesome talent. 

The pedals go round and round…

And here is why! Mike Lynch in California was able to “restore” my original bent, twisted, and mangled pedal cranks! Some of the behind the scenes activities taking place. Through a great network I am developing, Mike and I were introduced and the results are spectacular! Thank you Mike. 

A peak behind the scenes

Here is a peak of one step in the process to straighten the original pedal cranks.  

Plan is to save the originals by straightening the bends and twists. Found a machinist that was recommended that is up for the challenge. More to come.