Stage 14 (day 15) – Victoria, TX

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Another day in the Miss Skeeter support truck. A 260 mile ride to Victoria, TX. All went smooth in the truck. Hot and sunny.

My view today.

We arrived at the Victoria Mall where Steve Klein organized a great welcome reception.

We had a good meal and socialized with fellow Cannonball participants as well as the general public.

Me and Spitfire!
Me and the world famous NUMO!

It was a great night mingling in the crowd and ended up helping John Bartman replace both his chains.

Wrapped this all up and heading to hotel.

Good night. Off to McAllen tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Stage 14 (day 15) – Victoria, TX”

  1. Looks like Steve threw quite a bash for the Cannonballers. Its Texas afterall….I don’t think they do small. Thanks for the updates! I’m glad you’re sticking with it til the end. Enjoy your day! 🙂

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