I’m thinking of recreating this Dealership in my backyard! Pretty cool. Dealer from Lyons, Kansas. Notice the crates and the “sidechair” on the cycle.  Also I love the pendants. 

October 8, 2017

Some shots Frank took on the big 10 mile ride!

Getting the overspill of gas wiped up:


Gas and Oil valves on:


Getting all set!


OK…..READY to roll!


WOW!!! All systems go:


Having a look after 5 miles:


With my Logistics Crew Manager, Dennis.


Measuring Oil

After that 10 miles of extreme (hahaha) riding this past weekend, had to drain the crankcase oil to measure how much came out. This will determine how the oil petcock was set. Started out with two ounces and now have 3.5 ounces. I’d say I had it set too heavy. So will dial back a bit for next run.


10.5 Miles!

Well today was indeed monumental! Dennis and I took the bike to the Brewer Stadium for some testing in the parking lot. I wanted to be able to concentrate on the bike and not worry about traffic.

This day was one year, nine months, and 16 days since I brought the bike home. 

Had a great day!! Here’s some examples:


A few tweaks will need to be made. Have a base gasket leak. But overall a GREAT step in this project!

Here’s a reminder what I started with:


Ignition Done

More work continued on my ignition. First was to find a thinner point contact. Took apart a shovelhead set and was able to install on one of the original “hooked” springs. 

Next was to replace the Bakelite insulator that was stripped in the hold down screw holes. Here is the old one (red) and the new one (white). 

Next was to drill and tap the three 8/32 holes. 

Preassemble components. 

And install back on bike. Here’s the result:

Looks like finally time to get some miles on! 

Ignition Evening

Tonight was spent working on ignition components. Replaced one contact on the point spring steel plate. Here’s the old contact. 

Here is a new contact installed. 

So I thought I would knock out two more and discovered different shape contact plates! Here they are with the old contacts knocked out. 

However the new contact I installed is too tall so back to square one. I need to locate loose contacts to swedge in. 

Oil Vent and Muffler complete

I completed installing the oil vent line from the rear of the crankcase into the frame. In this line oil fumes and excess oil is routed through this line and rather than dump on the ground, is routed into the frame. This oil then creeps down into the pedal crank area. This will help keeping the pedal crank bearings lubed. 

I also had to weld the muffler tube into the pipe. 

So now the oil line is done and muffler/exhaust installed. One step closer to be done! 

More work to get complete: rear brakes and ignition components. Love this bike!