Rear Wheel Spoked

Just received the rear wheel back from Buchanans after they laced up the new rim. Rim by McRoberts. Original hub. So now the next major step is to grind out the belt pulley bracket rivets on the original rim. Then mount the old pulley and brackets to the new rim using screws rather than rivets. Then remove old pulley and mount the new Joe Turner wooden pulley. All sounds nice and easy, but actually pretty complicated process. But I’m up for the challenge. 

Front Wheel Done

Well this was my first attempt at a “clincher” rim. A little tricky to mount correctly. 

I received some advice from others who are familiar with these rims. So away I went and practiced mounting the tire on and off a few times. I knew I might need to do this on the road sometime. The only tools I used were these tire irons. 

And time for the inner tube and carefully mounting the tire as to not pinch the tube. Success! 

Inflated to 20 psi and gave it a spin! 

Seat Post and Seat Installed

Small accomplishments go a long way! This is one of them. I had the stock seat and seat post. The seat post was originally rusted in the frame. After getting it out and the frame prepared, I could install the short horizontal seat post. I was able to locate a cast seat post clamp at the Wauseon swap meet but still needed the knurled inserts. Was able to find these at the local bicycle shop. So the seat is on! 

Front fork woes! 

So it was time to work on the forks. Had to figure a way to slide the dust sleeves (thin sheet metal sleeve slid over the top forks). They were rusted on like everything else has been. So a few weeks of soaking to no avail. Time to call on some friends. With some “massaging” the left sleeve came off unscathed. But the right side sleeve was obviously a home made repair. Upon removing it we discovered why the repair was made! Time for some heavy machining to make this repair! And so it goes.