Handlebars still stubborn! 

Still working in removing the handlebars. This is now a huge roadblock to the momentum I have had recently. Still soaking in Kroil and today I tried applying some acetelyne heat to no avail. So I went on to the right side handgrip sleeve. First to remove the end screw. Lots of Kroil and heat and it moved about 1/8″! Perfect 

And then more heat and Kroil it moved even more. 

But then it locked up and would not move anymore, then “SNAP”. Screw broke off. Only the third screw that has not came off in tact so far. 

So while this continues to soak, I’ll move to the rear rim. Lots of work to be done! 

Rear wheel coming off 

While the front end is still soaking in Kroil, I need to keep moving forward. So the rear wheel is next to come off. Here one fastener is removed after some heat and Kroil:

All fasteners came off just fine, wheel removed, and the inner hub bearings and brake components could be removed. Pristine condition after 105 years! This bike utilizes a Musselman brake system.  

Next steps will be to clean all hub components and replace the ball bearings. Then a new rim, spokes, and wooden belt pulley.