Front End Work

Time to get back to work! While the engine is under way, I want to ensure the fork neck bearings are AOK. So I rigged a hook and strap to hold front end off the ground while I remove front end. 

Handlebars off so I can slip front end out. 

Stay tuned. 

Engine Work

Here is the first engine we are working on. The challenge here was to remove the pinion gear. It is a taper shaft with key fit. There is extremely very little space between the gear and case to get a puller in. My machinest made a puller. Next is to separate the flywheels to inspect rod, crankpin, and bushings. 

A different spare engine didn’t come apart quite so nice. Here is the cylinder:

However the good news here is the valves, lower end, piston and tod all look great. So all in all we are in great shape.