Gas tank, pedals, engine installed! 

Progress continues in a positive manner. I am in the process of “mocking up” several components on the frame. Pedals, tank, and engine installed to get a better feel for overall approach. Rear wheel is about two weeks from being complete and installed. There is still ALOT to do! Many many parts still are needed. Overall I’d say I am at the 25% complete stage. But I am having a blast! 

More progress! 

A quick update today. I moved the bike from my workbench after installing front end. Back to the rolling platform to prepare for pedal cranks and rear wheel install. 

I was also able to “mock up” the new rim with old belt pulley and brackets. A decision will need to be made regarding final method to hold brackets to rim; either solid steel rivets (like the OEM) or bolts. More investigation in best method. One major factor if I end up deciding on rivets is to find the proper tool that can peen the steel head. More to follow. 

Front end work continues 

After receiving my machining back it is time to assemble the front end. The new parts will be used to assemble the front end. Everything went together pretty good but each part had to be “massaged” a bit for proper figment. All said and done, we have a front end assembled except for the handlebars. Another big step!

Rear Wheel Work

Well this is probably the most complicated part of the project: installing new wooden pulley on new rim with original brackets. Step one was to grind the heads off the rivets from the inside of the rim. Then drive the rivets out. After removing the brackets with the original pulley in place we will bolt the brackets and old pulley to new rim. Then remove the old pulley and place the new pulley over the old brackets. Next will be to screw the brackets to the rim and align the pulley. Finally one screw at a time will be removed and we will rivet the bracket to the rim. Wow! More to follow but this was a huge step forward! 




Assembly has begun!

Now that the fork repair has been made assembly can begin on the front fork. New ball bearings and fresh grease, and slide through the frame neck. This is a major step forward! Next will be to install the lower rockers, front fork, and wheel assembly. Slow and steady progress. 

Fork Machining continues

Picked up most of my machined parts this morning from the machine shop. Had a bunch of extra pieces also made. This is a HUGE step forward. New bushings in the fork rockers were reamed to size and the grease fitting drilled. I am also happy to have operated the Bridgeport mill and actually was able to do some of the maching myself. Slow and steady progress! 

Fork Spring Dust Covers

Here is a shot of new spring dust covers being made from pipe. The originals were not able to be saved. One was missing and the other was too worn. Coming along nicely. Hope to have the complete front end on the bike by next weekend. Slow and steady.

Fork Rockers

Here is a shot of one lower rocker during repair. All three holes were egg shaped after all these years. These are made of brass. The process to repair was to bore the holes larger and press in, then bore new holes to size. Still to be done to these is drill the oil hole and groove the bushings for grease retention.