Two rides

Well event motor in and all is going well. Two days in a row with 20 miles each day. Still making minor tweaks but overall going great.40 days to go. Here are some stats.

Event Engine installed

The event engine installed this morning. Not as quick as taking old one out. Tightened up the wiring a bit so far so good. Next will be carb and new exhaust pipe and muffler. Riding in four hours from now!

Crunch Time

Event motor is now in hand. Perfect new piston, proper valve guide material, new valves, and fins repaired.

All I have to do is install right? NOT. First get ignition situated. This was a 2+ hour job!

Then install a roll pin to prevent intake pocket from rotating.

Now install intake pocket.

Top motor mount is next.

A cool point of interest is one side of the points is actually a screw!

Look at the shiny piston!

Done for the night. I’ll be back on all day Saturday to install engine and ride!

Wiring Work

Getting ready to head to Wauseon, Ohio for one of the best antique swap meets. Cleaning up wiring and using a UPS battery. Looking forward to talking Cannonball all weekend. Also meeting up with other Cannonballers and antique motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world.

Battery and Wiring

Well I’m continuing to dial in the battery supply. Have tried lithium and all worked well down side is it is an instant discharge. I have a couple different AGM batteries I will also be trying.

Also cleaning up the Dyna Booster wiring into toolbox.

I’m really enjoying getting back in this bike!

Also will be getting the trailer ready with lighting and a workbench.

58 days!