Monumental Day! First Ride

Today was a game changer. After the first four hours making exhaust and muffler, we had a runner. 

Then the starting got easier and easier. 

After this I took on a 1-1/2 mile ride. Wonderful!! 

A few more things to attend to: oil venting pipe needs to be fabricated, muffler needs to be welded internally, and the rear brake needs some attention. But all in all a HUGE day! 



Exhaust Pipe

Time to fit the original shaped exhaust pipe on. I’ll have to some “massaging” to the pipe as it is not a perfect fit (surprise surprise; nothing on this project was a “bolt on” item). First take off my test pipe:

Then get all pieces ready. 

Now the heating til cherry-red and bend in place as needed:

Getting close. A few more hours and I should have it. 

Celebration Brew!

A very good friend of mine (Andrew, same guy who made the fantastic period correct workbench)  worked with his neighbor Robert (brewmaster) to surprise me with this custom made beer! Andrew designed and had labels printed, and Robert did the magic with the beer recipe. After we started the bike on September 12th, we cracked open a few of these babies to celebrate! Thank you both, I am honored with this gesture.

The beer was FANTASTIC by the way! I wonder how long it will keep?



Muffler Assembly

The EX muffler is made up of many pieces. First was to make and drill holes in the main “tube”. 

Then get all parts ready for assembly. 

Next will be the exhaust pipe. 



Belt Tension Gate

The belt tension gate needed some work. Some of the notches were worn and not able to retain the spring loaded lever engagement pin. So off it came for some filing and fine tuning. 

All good as new now. Very positive engagement now. 

First Start! 

Well 21 months after acquiring this machine it came to life! This was the very first attempt on Sunday September 10th:

And later in the week on Tuesday September 12th: 

What a feeling!! Lots to do yet but we are on our way!