Cylinder Removal 

On yet another spare engine I wanted to remove the cylinder. I do not know the history of this engine. The cylinder is in excellent condition and I want to prepare this for use. 

It came off nice and the bore and piston look great. 

Next will be to clean and check piston fitment. 

Engine Work

 Bottom end coming apart in the first spare engine. I’ll consider this engine “practice” and make it a runner. Then work will begin on the original engine. Still on target for a July running machine. 

Cylinder Work

Time to get working on the one spare I have. Was able to remove the intake pocket intact. Then the exhaust valve could be removed. Next was the 100 year plus installed exhaust guide. Lots of kroil, time, heat, and patience led to the guide being removed unscathed. All going good. 



Another Engine

Was able to locate another battery engine last week. So the four spare engines will supply a variety of parts to be able to assemble two complete running engines. 

Exhaust Work

Working on the exhaust. Need to make a piece that extends from the exhaust pipe through the muffler. The end plug on this extension is then bolted on through the rear fender.