Last front sprocket post was regarding removing from engine. I sent this to Wayne at Heather’s Leathers  for a new leather liner and to evaluate the rivets. Here is Wayne’s commentary for each photograph. More updates on this sprocket at a future date.

Here on this leather you can barely see some stitching on the right side, the left side no problem. However, I know that they would not have only sewn on one side. Yes, this stitching would have been cotton or linen thread.



Here we have an example of the last owner using a copper rivet to hold the friction belt onto the pulley. Chris and I have chatted about this and we will be tapping these holes out to accept screws. This way change out would be a lot easier to switch, in the middle of say… a… Cannon Ball Race



One third the way around the inside, you can see where two rivet holes were added, (Factory I would assume). Someone enlarged the hole, probably trying to get the rivet out, by drilling. Thus the two different size holes.





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