The next “chunk” will be the front wheel assembly. My thoughts were this will be a fun component to complete because some pieces (OK, most pieces) will have to be new; Tire (because there was no tire that survived the 105 year hibernation), rim (this original one had fallen victim to severe rust and had several holes), spokes (these had worn this from the rust and most were bent and fragile), and the hub bearing (bearings missing when I received the bike). In fact the only item that might be able to be saved was the hub. But time to get going here…



Soaking the spoke nipples in Kroil with the hopes to remove a few. I will need to have new spokes sourced and hoped to be able to provide samples.



Success! I was able to remove seven (out of 36) spoke nipples……awesome. Look how clean those 105 year old threads are!



A good day when the new USA made “clincher” rim arrived!



The next day this black wrapped package showed up!



Well, well…..lookie here! A new white clincher tire!



I will need to now remove all of the remaining spokes and start work on the front wheel hub. Not sure if I can save it as it had no bearings for so long the pitting maybe too deep. But we shall see……the story continues!

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