Seems easy enough right? NOT!! More insane hills. I was extremely frightened and actually scarred at one point early in the day. An extreme downgrade with a stop sign at the bottom. My brakes were smoking and not slowing down! I was not sure how it was going to end. I ended up locking up the brakes and skidded to a stop. My heart was in my throat. Wow! Little did I know later in the day there would be a 17% downgrade and a 17% incline! WTF!! But I was able to accomplish this with the mighty EX (and pedal power).

A great day overall. Grueling to say the least. Got all miles so I am still #1. Unreal. Here’s a sign in hotel.

Here’s the other class one bikes.

Stopped for gas in the rain and noticed my luggage rack was split!

So I zip tied it all together for the next leg. Later in the day the zip ties broke and I had to once again limp it along.

Here’s what my day looks like.

Way to go Team Effort.

The trailer is working out awesome.

Tomorrow will be about 260 miles to Illinois. I’ll be meeting family, friends, and wifey. We are ready!

I want to thank my sponsors again! Without them this is not possible!

Deluxe HD Restoration

Greg Allen Insurance

Harley-Davidson Sport Center

BJ’s Bike World

Klein Collection.

It’s now 10:15 PM. Time to sleep.

8 Replies to “Stage 4”

  1. Hey Chris,
    Laurie [Hazen] Scott here thoroughly enjoying your Cannonball updates. Looks like the bike is getting tested far beyond the cornfields and prairies of its original home. Grandpa was a tenacious and resilient man and no doubt passed those bones on to the bike. So thrilled that sister Kathie found you as the next steward of that wonderful machine. Knowing Grandpa maneuvered the up and down inclines of farming, I have no doubt you will do so too with the terraine. Plus, he loved exploring new places. Your trip is indeed one he would have loved. All of the Hazen-Scott family generations are with you. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun, also part of our DNA.

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  2. Honor reciprocated. Ps. We have a niece by marriage that lives in Portland, Oregon. I am trying to contact to see if she can attend the west coast finale. Also looking in the archives for more photos including one of the Excelsior with a sidecar! Best wishes.

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