I had a great afternoon with Paul Smith. Paul is the gentleman who introduced me to Kathie (granddaughter of original owner, Fred Hazen). Kathie was responsible for a portion of her grandfathers estate, which included this machine (1911 Excelsior). I was honored to be able to acquire this bike from Kathie.

Paul had not seen the bike since I brought it home in December 2015. We were now able to examine the entire bike and I could explain all the work accomplished during the restoration process.

Here is the last time Paul saw the bike, along with Kathie.

Paul is an accomplished artist who has done considerable work for Harley-Davidson. He created the original eagle over bar & shield design as well as the gas tank graphics for the bicentennial editions in 1976. Here is his website for more info: http://psmithartstudio.com/paul_smith_theeagle.html

Thanks for following along. It’s been one hell of a ride so far!

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