More progress! 

A quick update today. I moved the bike from my workbench after installing front end. Back to the rolling platform to prepare for pedal cranks and rear wheel install. 

I was also able to “mock up” the new rim with old belt pulley and brackets. A decision will need to be made regarding final method to hold brackets to rim; either solid steel rivets (like the OEM) or bolts. More investigation in best method. One major factor if I end up deciding on rivets is to find the proper tool that can peen the steel head. More to follow. 

2 thoughts on “More progress! 

  1. Chip

    Hey hey hey, cookin wit’ gas now!
    Looking good and starting to take shape.
    It takes a large commitment and a person with a lot of drive to take on a project like this.
    Big thumbs up.


  2. Mike Palrang

    Chris-I have been following your rustoration with great interest. Your pictures have been very helpful and your note about Mike Lynch helping with the Pedal Cranks was instrumental in getting me in touch with him. Re:Rivits-I have had good success if I make a Buck that has the approximate contour of the head of the rivit (an easy turning job in a lathe). I then mount the Buck in a vise or other suitable solid object. Then when you tap on the back side with a hammer the rivit head distorts much less. It is still a 2 person job most of the time as you need someone to hold the workpiece in position over the Buck. Hope this helps.
    Mike P


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