After considerable time soaking and tweaking, both the rear wheel and pedal assembly are now free wheeling! Previously frozen but with patience and good luck, both are now free. This will make disassembly much easier. Then all new internals will be installed.

This video doesn’t exist

This video doesn’t exist

A note from Kathie:

“I wish to share how much I enjoy your blog and the community
of followers you are creating with Fred’s story.
This is the beginning of a journey of enjoyment and sharing
I dearly wished for when choosing you at the new Steward.  I had
not anticipated the reciprocity: the wonderful sharing of information,
suggestions and tips by the ‘biker brotherhood.’
Sounds like you are inspiring others to rev up their restoration
projects in hiatus.  A ripple bonus, ripple.
Fred’s story is for sharing and extending happiness the Excelsior
always brought to our  Hazen family over all these generations.”

3 Replies to “Spinning”

  1. So Cool. Sure brings “SPINNING” to a new level. Guess the health club crowd didn’t
    didn’t discover the thrill of rotating spokes. Nice job, Chris. Good camera work to boot.


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