This bike was originally owned by Fred Hazen (b.1897) and his brother George. Thought to be a 1913 model, but further research appears to identify the bike as a 1911 model 4K (more detailed specifications in a later post). The bike has been in the Hazen family for four generations. The Hazen family lived in Champaign County, IL. Pictured here in the old faded photograph is Fred Hazen (taken in 1913). Quite the dapper gentleman! Special thanks to Steve for enhancing this old photograph.

Fast forward to 2015 meet Kathie……..to be continued………….

KSR. Shadow SelfPortrait. Playa.West Dessert.Utah.

One Reply to “A little history on the bike:”

  1. So very true. Fred Hazen also had an adventurous personality. I’m guessing he
    didn’t suit up for every ride, based on his biking experiences and escapades. Quite
    an amazing person. Kathie, his granddaughter

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