This was the final day of the event. Sept 26. The rider’s route was from McAllen to South Padre Island, 99 miles. The prior evening was filled with excitement as the riders and teams were all excited for the final leg of this epic event. The goal was for all remaining riders to safely finish with all the miles and NO ONE on the Grim Sweeper truck.

We (Bartman’s crew, me, and Dan) arrived at the ending finish line, across the street from our hotel, around 11am.

We set up the “camp” and waited for the riders. All the crews slowly arrived over the next hour and jockeyed for a good spot.

Around 1:00 the first group of Class One (pre 1920, single cylinder, no transmission) bikes arrived. So great to see; gave me goosebumps. The crowd to witness this was huge and erupted with applause and cheers as they rode in!

JR and his girlfriend Kim set up the table to display and sell the shirts and pennants we had left. I also realized we did not have a picture of the Team Effort crew – so we finally took one.

The Grim Sweeper did arrive with one bike, and Steve rode in in! Was cool to see!

After all bikes arrived and the celebration subsided, the riders and their crews made it across the street for a couple of hours of R&R before the evening banquet. Some went out to the ocean and some by the pool. I opted for the pool. Really nice to jump in and relax with so many great people.

Around 6:00 the Cannonball participants made their way to Clayton’s (next door to hotel) for the festivities. The first place trophy was on display.

As the presentations began, I was surprised and honored that myself and Alex were recognized for the fun raising we did and donating bikes to the Young Riders for the Chase. We were each presented with a beautiful handmade award.

The grand prize went to Dave Currier on his 1911 Harley-Davidson single, atmospheric intake, and leather belt drive. A huge accomplishment! I am proud at what he did. well deserved.

I woke up this morning to see this beautiful sunrise. Today was the first day since Sept 8 that I was able to wake up without a 5am alarm and had “nothing” to do. No bike to prepare for the day or no crew duties to get to the next city. A somber morning with mixed emotions.

I went down to the lobby for coffee and say goodbyes to a bunch of friends; Cannonball family. Some of them will be back for the 2023 event and some will not. Back to life tomorrow.

I will post a general overall post in a few days to reflect back on this event. For now, over and out.

5 Replies to “Stage 16 (day 17) Grand Finish”

  1. Great post Chris! As the days went by you were able to achieve a bigger smile as time went on. I for one as a Team Effort #9 supporter couldn’t be any prouder of you and the guys. Live to fight another day!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I hope I get to follow you and this great event in 2023. Nice to see you were recognized for your fund raising efforts. I hope you get to enjoy a nice relaxing ride through some beautiful fall scenery!

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  3. That’s great Chris! What an adventure. Congrats on your award for raising funds and donating bikes for Young Riders for the Chase. Well deserved. Also, what a terrific job you did on your daily blog. By itself, quite an accomplishment and a big step up. It was like being able to hear from you all the way. Thanks.

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