OK we will start with the facts. Today was 134 miles and I got them all! 1791 official miles so far. I moved up to 25th place. 45 (out of the 88 who started) have perfect scores. I’m still trying to get the people ahead of me to have some convenience store sushi!

Today started out with an extremely healthy breakfast!

Class one bikes all left first.

Even though it was only a 134 mile ride, it was one of the most stressful days I have had. Reasons being: extreme switchbacks, wet roads, thick fog, and cold temps.

However as I have said all along, celebrate each mile. And I did.

We were routed on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a great ride under better conditions.

It was cool to crest this milestone. My riding partner, Bob, is great! We had a perfect rhythm. He rides a 1925 JE.

We ended the official ride today th the world famous Wheels Through Time.

Now the sad facts of the day. On the Cannonball we all accept all risks. First my buddy Kevin riding an Indian missed a turn on the directions. Happens to all of us. However as he turned around to make his way back, something happened and he ended up in the culvert.

The other very unfortunate event was riding through the tunnels today. Well as we entered the tunnel from the bright daylight, into a pitch black tunnel, it was a total blackout for a lot folks. As you entered the tunnel you could not see the other end as it was on a curve. I entered the tunnel and my headlight illuminated the center double yellow line. I followed this center line and came out just fine. About a 1/4 mile tunnel. Many people crashed in this tunnel simply because you could not see anything! So so sad.

So we start the day tomorrow.

OK. I’m done! Bedtime.

5 Replies to “Stage Eight (day 9) complete.”

  1. It was wonderful seeing that collection of Cannonball bikes pull into Wheels through time. You could see the excitement from everyone, riders and spectators! Good luck on the rest of your trip!!

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