Stage Seven (day eight) complete

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Writing this at 11:30pm in Spartanburg. Days are starting to blur. Dates are already nonexistent. All we are concerned is what time do we start tomorrow and when can I get my route instructions. And where EXACLY do we start from!

First the good news. I got all miles today (259). Total of 1657 so far. Tomorrow will will cross the 1/2 way marker. Really no bad news and will cover this topic later.

Cool morning temps, and some beautiful scenery. Had a few hours or misting rain. Then the sun came out and it was quite hot again. All in all great riding weather.

One of my gas stops was at this country store. Wow what a treat! I could have stayed there for hours.

Honored to ride with Victor. 1914 HD.

All the employees came out to “make a picture” of our old bikes. What a hoot. Memories. After I gassed up I changed the oil, as I am now doing during each gas fill. Clean oil = a happy engine.

I rode most of the day with my buddy Bob on his 1925 JE model. After lunch he was having issues and we got lost in city traffic. I was thrilled to see him cross the finish line today under his own power. He will have work to do tonight.

We ended the day at the Wickened Wrench for dinner. YUMMY!!

A nice crowd showed up to welcome us in.

The Grim Sweeper brought six bikes in tonight. Not sure if these can be repaired.

My uncle, Robert, asked my why I thought so many bikes were on the trailers every night. A loaded question! It could be an array of situations; not fully being prepared, no practice miles on the bike, poor quality parts that fail, improper machining during rebuild, or most likely, anything can happen on any day. You just never know.

OK now back to the beginning. Nothing bad happened today, however I could again tell my J was just not doing well after lunch, so I was able to drive it across the finish line, and the start to look the bike over. Ended up replacing the intake valve pocket assemblies.

Tomorrow morning we will adjust the valve lash and have a great day!

All is going great. Thanks for following!

7 Replies to “Stage Seven (day eight) complete”

  1. I am anxious everytime I see this email. Relieved after I read each one. Glad the bike and yourself are performing above and beyond. What else would we all expect from you though. A man with a plan and a check list. ✔ Best of luck Pal, enjoy the ride!

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  2. Late night it sounds like. I hope the new valve pocket assemblies allow you a trouble free day today. Haveca great ride and enjoy Wheels Through Time! I love that place! Go Chris!


  3. What an adventure.we are looking forward to hosting y’all again this year. Best of continuous luck with your ride. See you in Murfreesboro Tennessee on Saturday afternoon.

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  4. its great to see the stories on Instagram as well. I see you pop-up in that feed every now and again. Glad its going well and of course that the bike is running well. I’m sure JR’s truck is a hit at every stop. How’s he enjoying the tour?

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