Stage Six (day seven) complete

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Stage six brought us from Danville, VA to Myrtle Beach. An “easy” 238 miles, right? I was tense every mile as my bike was not running like it should have. I made all the miles am was very happy. However we had a lot of work to do.

We departed in very mild overcast weather.

As far as our destination it looked great!

Here is me and Dam Emerson who ran a single Excelsior in the past couple of cannonball events. Sadly Dan had major issues with his bike and was not able to stay in. He and his wife are on the way back home.

Loaded up the map as usual to start the day.

Lunch was at a Dealership. They had oil drip mats all laid out for us.

At 137 miles I stopped for gas and to start investigating why my bike was not running properly. The plugs indicated a very lean situation.

So I knew I must have an intake leak. So I continued on my way. Once at the hosted stop at the end we did confirm this was the case. We made a “Cannonball” repair (functional but not pretty). I’ll know today if we have it fixed.

Also had to install a “time sert” into the oil drain hole. Changing the oil at every gas stop means this little plug is out many times each day. And a steel plug into an aluminum case always means the steel wins.

JR and Dan set up the chase truck and my merchandise tonight and had pretty good sales.

The sweep trailers has a few bikes. Still sad to see.

Our rooms were ocean view. Nice to know we are as far east as we will be. Southwest the rest of the route.

Im still in 28th place now with 1398 official miles completed. 48 riders have a perfect score. Today we ride about 260 miles to Spartanburg. No hosted lunch or dinner so we will look for a nice place for a sit down mean tonight. All good. Later.

2 Replies to “Stage Six (day seven) complete”

  1. Yikes. I hope youre bike runs like a champ today! No issues! Sad to see so many going home but thrilled you won’t be one of them. Have a great ride today. Love the blog, the updates and the pictures! 🙂

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