Stage Five (day six) complete.

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Today’s ride from Charleston, WV to Danville, VA began as most days do. Up at 5am, and out of the room at 5:30 to get a banana and OJ to start my day. We rode in the dark (led by Morgan Williams’ truck escort) over to the host hotel where we began the day. Once there re received our route instructions and loaded them into the holders.

The route today was 268 miles and I was on the bike about eight hours to make the ride. Total official miles are now at 1160. I have a perfect score so far. And have moved up to 28th place, sadly due to two riders ahead of me who had issues and could not complete the day. Some of my good friends are going home today due to bike damage they cannot repair here at the event. Truly sad.

Of the 88 initial entries, 51 riders have a perfect score. Here is the link to see the nightly scores:

Today was a very beautiful ride! Weather was cool and somewhat foggy as we began the ride. The cool weather was a welcomed relief from the intense heat we have been experiencing. Rolling hills and excellent scenery. Best ride so far in my opinion.

The motorcycle is running excellent. The daily maintenance JR, Dan, and I are doing is paying off.

Stage one leaving this morning. This group is diminishing each day.

Again the gas stops are a flurry of activities: social, serious work, roller dogs, and high fiving each other.

JJ caught this cool little video of me today.

We ended at the HD dealer in town for a great Mexican dinner they served us. Cool to talk to all the people who showed up.

And then the Grim Sweeper. The two trailers picked up seven bikes today. Some not returning.

Once back to the hotel we could do our work. All looking good!

Packing the van up for the night.

Tomorrow we will ride to Myrtle Beach. About a 250 mile day. Should be another hot one. Thanks again for following along. Time for some shut eye!

5 Replies to “Stage Five (day six) complete.”

  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Glad you’re rolling along issue free. Hoping a few of my freinds show up to meet you in MB tomorrow. Have a great ride! Be safe and get those miles. Sleep well! 🙂

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  2. Can’t wait everyday to hear about your latest adventure ,it truly is the Canon Ball by proxy. As always good luck and be safe from all your friends back in MKE

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