Today we rode from Dayton, OH to Charleston, WV. Weather was very hot and sunny. Total official mileage was 209, and I completed all miles in time. Also moved up two spots to 32 place. We are now at an official 899 miles. My 1923 Harley J model is running flawless. I change the oil at every gas stop, as I did with the 1911 Excelsior. This helps ensure I am metering the oil correctly and provides fresh oil to the engine components.

As each day begins we receive the route sheet 30 min prior to our scheduled departure time.

Along the way some people are sharing photos taken of me. Nice of them to send my way.

Here was Stage one leaving today. These are the oldest and most primitive bikes in the event.

We have also had some excellent roads to ride on.

We ended the day at the HD dealer here and they provided a nice spaghetti dinner with a salad and soft drinks. A nice crowd welcomed us in.

After leaving their we received a police escort to out hotel; how cool was that!

Back at the hotel Dan and JR preformed the normal maintenance and added a fuel filter for good measure.

Done by 7:30 and off for a good nights sleep. Up at 5am tomorrow to start the day traveling g to Danville (268 miles). Thanks again for following!

4 Replies to “Stage Four done”

  1. WOOOOO You’re doing great! Always look forward to these blogs before bed. Helps me sleep better knowing you’re doing well lol. Have a great ride tomorrow! I understand theres some challenging landscape. You got this!

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