We rode today from Battle Creek, MI to Dayton, OH. It was a beautiful day that started out with warm overcast weather. Departure time for my group was 7:45. Retrieved my route instructions and began loading into the map scroll holder.

We had a great ride to Napoleon Harley-Davidson for lunch. A tremendous crowd was there to greet us. How wonderful!

They served all riders “walking tacos” which I had not heard of before. It was a dish of first pouring Fritos in and cover them with ground beef, lettuce, shredded cheese, and salsa. It was actually pretty good.

We had a great route to Dayton. Very hot and bright sun all afternoon. It was a brutal day for many bikes. Both Grim Reaper trailers were full.

A shame to see these bikes on the trailers. Some will not be able to return to the event. As I departed the parking lot tonight there were most teams working on their bikes. Dan and I preformed all my maintenance in quick order then JR helped us load the bike in and pack up out parking lot workshop.

Tomorrow is 209 miles to South Charleston, WV.

And after the Prologue and three stages I have moved up from 44th place to 34th place. I’m looking forward to a great ride tomorrow. Weather will be sunny and high 80’s.

Over and out. Thanks for following along.

6 Replies to “Stage 3 over”

  1. You’re doing great!! What an exciting day! Looks like the Cannonball is catching on with the larger turnouts at the stops. Keep up the great ride and get those miles! Be safe!!

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