10:15pm local time. I’m beat for a number of reasons I won’t get into here.

Today starts at alarm at 5 am, and out to the bike at 5:30. A very peaceful time for me each day.

My departure time was 8:00 so that means I can pick up my route map at 7:30. Here is the first page.

This page gives an overview of the day ahead. Then the next pages include turn by turn instructions by the mileage intervals.

Today we had 95 instructions which meant a turn or important route instruction. The may was about 10 feet long today.

JR had the truck all ready for another day.

Lunch was a gas station sandwich which was perfect. which was perfect.

Bike ran great until the first gas stop. And as fast as I was adding fuel to the tank it was pouring out of the carb. SH!T I mumbled. So we (another ride Bill Page offered to help) pulled the carb off and I took the bowl off to clean the needle and seat. There was an amount of “gunk” on the needle which explains why the fuel was leaking. 20 minutes later bike was all back together for trouble free riding.

Lunch was a gas station sandwich which was perfect. Peeled the jacket off for the afternoon ride.

We also did oil changes at lunch. Here is Billy Page doing his.

Back on the road, 140 miles to go yet. I passed by Dan Emerson who rides an Excelsior single and he was on the road side. I had to stop to see if I could help. I was able to supply him with safety wire to make his clutch mechanism operate again. YAY!!

Happy to say Dan made it in with all the miles, as did I.

We finished at Battle Creek Harley-Davidson for the hosted dinner. The public turnout was unbelievable! Wow! And they had an excellent grilled chicken dinner for all the riders and support crews.

After dinner back to the trailers to do the daily maintenance. All good. The Grim Sweepers trailer then rolled in. Not too many on tonight.

Tomorrow we have this to look forward to.

Also big news my one other crew member Dan Rognsvoog arrived tonight to assist JR in the support truck. Happy to have him here now.

Thanks again for following along. Talk tomorrow night.

6 Replies to “Day three complete.”

  1. Ohhhh glad you got your carb issue all fixed up and were able to carry on. Also thank goodness for safety wire 🙂 Best of luck tomorrow! Get some rest and have an issue free day! 🙂 #9 (Y)

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  2. My husband & I had a chance to talk to JR at your very cool van. We purchased one of your banners & will be following your blog and cheering you on. Best of luck and fingers crossed for fair weather in the coming days! Amazing event!!

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