Whew what a great day! 190 miles and yes I made all the miles. That is the question we all ask each other each evening. We all want each other to finish with all the miles. Our first stop was at the Valley Camp museum. After assembling we all left by stages.

The weather was cool (52 degrees) and very foggy as we left I rode with a bunch of Indians. Great ride to the lunch stop. We were on our own today. Some days there are hosted stops where lunch is provided.

After lunch the sun came out and the temps crept up to the point where I took my jacket off. Made a stop to hang out and relax before the end stop. The staff motorcycles this year are new BMWs. Gorgeous bikes.

At the ending stop (Hagerty Ins offices) a great friend (Skeeter who I worked with at House of Harley) met us there. Great to see him at the stop and in the hotel parking lot.

A cool surprise I received today was this great photo taken in the SOO.

It has been really great this Cannonball (so far) being able to cruise along at 50 MPH and not get anxiety attacks when I see a hill in front of me. Bike is running strong. All good.

Here is something no one wants to end up on; the sweep truck nicknamed the Grim Reaper. Today had two trailers full of motorcycles that broke down today, some will not be able to be repaired.

Tomorrow will be about 260 miles ending at Battle Creek Harley-Davidson. Miles of Smiles as my buddy HD Ray used to say. Over and out for now.

7 Replies to “Day 2 in the bag”

  1. Way to go Chris! Loving all the updates and this blog is awesome! Yayyyy on the miles! And a strong running bike. Can’t ask for much more than that.! Have a great ride tomorrow! Cheering you every mile! 🙂

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