I’m writing this from the Grim Sweeper van. There are seven of us in the van and and eight bikes on the trailer. The first 80 miles were beautiful. Then the rain started around mile 130. And my bike started to run on one cylinder (again). A nagging issue.

This has been a nagging issue.

So I had to really ride fast to keep the RPMs up to stay above 45 MPH. Heavy rain and fog. Terrible riding conditions. At mile 161 a bunch of us stopped at a gas station (and it was closed) to shelter from the rain. We were all concerned what to do. An hour later we were notified the event was called off the rest of the day due to rain.

Was not looking good.
Hanging out waiting the rain out. The rain won.

So 16 bikes were loaded on so we could ride back the the ending destination. A lot of roads are closed due to flooding. Should be a long ride back.

My crew, Dan and JR, are looking for some parts for the bike.

The van and trailer made a stop so we could have a bathroom break and get some road food.

And that’s about it for the day. It will be late when I get to hotel. It’s still raining. No work to be done tonight on the bike. We will tackle it tomorrow on our off day. thank you for following along.

12 Replies to “Stage 9 (day 10) almost complete.”

  1. Good to hear that common sense showed the way by calling it a day. You will most certainly take your day off working on the bike. As always, pulling for our home town favorite Team Effort. Continued success my friend and a safe enjoyable Cannonball to you all. Geeze, sounded a bit poetic. Much love Brother!

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  2. I’ve been pulling for Team Effort since my husband and I were lucky enough to chat with JR for a few minutes in Battle Creek. I hope at the very least sleeping in will be part of your day of rest. Best of luck getting everything tuned in and safe travels on Monday!


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