Stage 13: I’m back, sort of…

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After working on brakes again yesterday, thought I was good to go. But at 4.4 miles the rear wheel locked up! Left a 100 foot skid mark.

So back to hotel I went to repair the wheel. We then trailered to the lunch spot which is where I started from. 151 mike day. It was a excellent ride.

Ended up at Lone Wolf HD for a dinner.

And we worked quite late to get our bike ready for the 303 mile day.

Sorry for the short post but I’m operating on a few hours of sleep. I hope to get all the miles today with no brake issues!

6 Replies to “Stage 13: I’m back, sort of…”

  1. Damned brake! I’m still amazed at what you accomplished to this point. Finish out the ride enjoying your surroundings, the camaraderie and knowing that you and your team gave it your all.

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