Started Stage 14 our ready! Less than two miles from the start we had a huge steep hill! All three of us with singles had to push up the hill. Rest of the day was great!

I was doing a lot of pedaling up hills today. The headwinds were terrible!! As I was cruising up one hill (with no need to pedal) and my left pedal went sailing down the highway. I need pedals to stop, start the engine, and pedal at stop signs to get going. So I was able to ride another 20 miles before I needed to pedal. So I pulled over and got in sweep truck. Oh well. 250 miles.

Then we repaired pedal and got all set for Stage 15 (last one).

More updates later.

One Reply to “Stage 14: Almost….”

  1. You and other singles deserve to receive the Cannonball Iron Man award for pushing up those hills. If you add wind and pedaling, I would say an olympic gold. If not already I hope you soon arrive to the final stop and enjoy the festivities of this remarkable journey. Take pride in all you have accomplished and Congratulations! -Laurie [Hazen] Scott.

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