It was tough for me to watch Class One bikes leave without me. I wished them all best of luck before they departed.

Then Class 2 bikes departed.

So I rode in a 4-wheel vehicle and did manage to get some riding in Glacier National Park.

Upon arriving in Kalispell our package had arrived so we could repair brake parts.

Bike is all back together and I’ll be in starting line in the morning at 8:15am for the 240 miles ride to Spokane Valley.

Back in the RUN!!

5 Replies to “Stage 12: End of day”

  1. Feel your disappointment, but damn, pretty severe brake issue. No way to run down the road without weighing the potential for hurting yourself and others. Enjoy tomorrow! Much respect @

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  2. There HAS to be a better way/system for that brake set up. All kidding aside….I would contact Brembo as there has to be some nerd type there that can offer an idea.

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