Stage 12 morning update

Stage 12 to Kalispell. Breaks my heart today to not be riding. After yesterday’s ride from Billings to Great Falls, my bike got a real workout. The rear brake was totally destroyed and in need of major repair. Then add to the mix rain and more hills today. I made the extremely difficult decision to be “safe” rather then risk bike damage to me or others as well as personal safety. It was rough to see the riders pulling out this morning.

We have new brake parts waiting for us in Kalispell so we can do the necessary repairs.

So after 12 stages I have 10 perfect scores, one partial, and one “no start” day. Three more stages to go and I’ll be ready in the morning for the ride to Spokane Valley.

Again a tough decision, but for me the correct one. Brent and Dan also agree knowing he capabilities of the bike.

Over and out for now.

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