Well today was a exceptional ride today. Beautiful roads, some of the best so far! My bike was running OK today, not perfect but getting the miles. Scheduled ride was from Tunica to Arkadelphia covering 240 miles.

I had some electrical issues at mile 161. Did what I could do and thought I had the issue fixed.

Received a lot of help from the Cannonball staff as I tried to fix the issues. And I did and was able to ride another 32 miles until the engine locked up. Not able to fix this on the road, so on the truck and trailer I went.

After getting in with 193 miles I started to look at the bike while still on the trailer.

And once back at the hotel I continued to look at issues.

After a good looking over and some input from experts, it was determined to be more severe than I wanted to tackle in a parking lot. I decided to drop from the competition and repair the bike in a clean non-rushed environment. So it’s the end of the road for me.

Anything can happen to any rider on any day or minute. I will stay with the event riding with another support team helping others as I can. A sad day for our team.

This has been a wonderful event and I am thrilled to be part of it. Thanks for following along.

17 Replies to “Stage 12 (day 13) – ride is over”

  1. Damn the luck Chris! Well it certainly wasn’t for lack of “EFFORT #9”. I’m going to make a wild prediction and claim that this is not the last Cannonball for you and your team. Enjoy the rest of your time away. Look forward to seeing you and hearing all the stories. Best of luck to all the teams!

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  2. Chris, so sorry to read about the trouble you had today. It’s not you that ended the ride, it was the machine. What a tremendous effort you put in getting past the halfway point, in severe and challenging weather passing other bikes that didn’t make it to the halfway point. It’ll be great to see you and hear the details in person with the passage of time to give you a well-seasoned perspective. I’ve gotta tell you every time you go out there on your restored bikes you’re a winner in my book. See you soon after you’ve had a chance to recover. Have a good, safe ride.

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  3. We are all do.proud of what your team accomplished. You are so wise and always make the right call. As you always say: “it is, what it is.” We love you.

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  4. Sorry to hear about the bike.You made a valiant effort.You have all the the memories to look forward to.What a experience and the fact that you are staying to help others is a credit to you and your team.

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  5. So sorry about your motor. I have enjoyed being along for the ride even if it was on my phone while drinking a cup of coffee. What an amazing accomplishment on that beautiful machine! Best of luck with repairs when you return home. So grateful I got to see this in person when you were in Battle Creek ❤

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  6. Tough to read. I know your decision making process well. Would never doubt or question your decision. Thanks for sharing the details with us during your prep and throughout the ride. Anything can happen. Stay safe.

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    1. Ohhh nooo how disappointing. I. So very sorry to hear this. So So so proud of you and the miles that you made. You are always in such good spirits and give a wonderful update every day regardless of the circumstances. Thanks for the entertainment and just for being you. Enjoy the rest of the ride comfortably 🙂🏍

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  7. Can’t say you didn’t give it your all. When Chris Tribbey says its not a parking lot fix that’s pretty significant. I hope she’ll be back on the road soon. Its about the journey right?!

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  8. Sorry to hear your ride ended early Chris. I just find it remarkable that these old machines are able to go as far as they do. I look forward to hearing your stories at breakfast.

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  9. Out here in Phoenix we have been following all of your long distance adventures. The taste may be bittersweet but you have another fantastic memory tucked away in your brain’s vault. Sitting at my desk reading your daily recaps gets me a little closer to the road and the fresh air. You have so much to be proud of. You are a class act. WELL DONE!

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  10. Chris, you gave it your all and that has to be comforting. Live to ride another day I say. Either in the Chase, the Cannonball, or around Wisconsin. I, for one of many, are extremely impressed with the grit and determination required to ride this event. All the best

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  11. Oh crap what a drag , but with antique bikes like you say any time anywhere . Oh well epic effort, thanks for taking us along for the ride. See you back in town.

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