Today was a ride of 282 miles from Birmingham, AL to Tunica, MS. The day started out in mild temps and cloudy cover.

Class one bikes left at 7:00 this morning.

As a previous Class one contestant, I cannot emphasize enough how tough these guys have it. Hats off to them all.

I rode with Bob again today and we were caught off guard with a short rain shower early in the morning.

Suited up and on the road. Before you knew it, the weather changed to a bright blue sky and very hot.

Had a great ride after that.

Then a deluge of rain!! Terrible conditions. However we continued on!

Made it in with all miles in time. Me and John Bartman enjoyed swapping stories of the day.

Still have a perfect score. Tomorrow we are off with a 243 mile journey to Arkaldelphia, Arkansas. The mayor, Scott Byrd, is a cannonball rider, and has arranged for a street party to welcome us in. How cool is that?

Iā€™m beat after a nice dinner with my crew Dan and JR. Over and out.

5 Replies to “Stage 11 (day 12) update”

  1. Stay strong my friend! The light has to be getting bigger and brighter at the end of the tunnel. As always, have a safe trip and continued success to you all. Particularly Team Effort 9!

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