Woke up to rain this morning. After a quick breakfast we headed up to register for the event. Got my badge so I’m now official.

After this I went through the motorcycle inspection process. It was quite thorough this year. Which was good to see they were so particular. A couple of issues were discovered. It’s a good!

One of the items the inspection team notices was my floorboard mounting stud was loose. I knew this might be an issue so I had some extras with me to replace.

We had the option to do a practice ride to familiarize yourself with the paper route map navigation system. I did this in the light rain. Was good to see how the brakes operate when wet. All good!

Had a nice 20 mile ride. After that was hanging out in the parking lot meeting and greeting old and new friends. A lot of work on motorcycles is still taking place one day before the official start. Tomorrow there may be a few who do not finish the 20 mile prologue.

Loaded the bike back into the awesome support truck JR is supplying. Dinner and a good rest.

More updates tomorrow! Thanks for following.

7 Replies to “Practice Day”

  1. Thanks for the update! I just asked Cole today if anyone fails the inspection. He said yes and for reasons mostly like yours. I had no idea. Glad they gave it the once over before you had issues down the road. Sleep well and have a great start tomorrow 🙂 Love your blog 🙂

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  2. Dear Chris – thanks for sharing. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST AND GOOD LUCK!! I will follow you and looking forward to your daily infos. Best greetings from CH, Delia

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  3. Enjoy your story and look forward to more and all of them passion and pressarents I do not have a machine this old but I have rides with you folks my hat off to you rides peace and respect

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