JR and I left at 6:30 this morning for the SOO (Sault St. Marie, MI) on the Canadian border. JR’s truck ran excellent.

Out Hawaiian hula dancer kept us safe along the route.

Overall we had good weather coming up, but ran into rain several times.

Had time to re1read my original Riders Handbook for my 1923 HD J model. While reading this I remembered I did not pack any spare wheel hub parts. Spoke with Dan Rognsvoog, another member of Team Effort, and he will bring spare parts to meet us in Battle Creek, MI. Cool.

Stopped for gas once along the way.

We rolled into the hotel around 4:00 to set up our area and “meet & greet”.

We met up with John Bartman’s team for some good conversations. Then off to dinner.

Tomorrow will be registration and bike inspection. Also some practice miles in the area. More or less a relaxing day. Thursday it begins.

Thanks for following along. More each day.

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