I just arrived back from the Davenport swap meet. Two days before we depart for Sault St. Marie, MI. A nice calming aura is slowly creeping into my soul. In a few hours all that matters will be the Cannonball.

JR will be coming over with his awesome Team Effort truck to load up everything: bike, parts, equipment, consumables, riding gear, and my clothes.

This truck is truly a work of art. JR and his partner have hundreds of hours in this project. High tech frame, engine, transmission, ABS brakes, and computer controlled systems. An awesome vehicle. I’m thrilled JR will be transporting us to the UP as well as back from Texas after the event.

I have completed compiling the tools and parts I will carry with me.

Not too many tools. And the parts will be minimal as well I have faith!

Checklists are completed.

Tonight I’m working on ideas to water proof the wooden tour box. Looks like we will have a few days of rain when we start. Cat box liners look like a nice solution.

Thanks for following and make sure you click the “email me with future posts” option here. I will be posting every day from now on for the entire event.

I REALLY appreciate the outstanding support from all of you. You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you.

Talk to you tomorrow.

9 Replies to “Two days!”

  1. GOOOOD LUCK CHRIS!! We will be watching you and cheering every step of the way. Safe travels and all the very best!! By the way, thank goodness for cat box liners. 🙂

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  2. I’m rooting for you every step of the way! Enjoy the journey… that’s the main thing! Soak it all in and make some phenomenal and lifelong memories! Love you, Bro! ♥️

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