As I write this it is now almost a calming effect as I know we are seven days from departing Milwaukee to travel to Sault St. Marie, MI to begin the start of another topic journey. (Wow that was a long sentence LOL). I have documented all tools needed, and maintenance checklists to be completed. Miles have been put on the bike (670), and all that remains to be done is pack riding gear and clothes.

The initial pile of spare parts and supplies.
A short demonstration ride at the send off party.
Using my tool checklist to pack appropriately.

I will finish all supplies this next few days, and we will be loading up the awesome Team Effort chase truck this weekend. And we are off on Sept 7.

The send off party blew me away! So many people showed up I was humbled and grateful.

At this point we are past the point of ordering more parts or supplies. Again a calm before the storm kind of feeling.

I want to thank all the great people who have bought a t-shirt or pennant, and have contributed to my CB fund at Nick’s Anvil Inn. I am ever thankful for the support.

Thanks for following. More to come!

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