Stage 1: Sault St. Marie to Ludington

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Wow, what a day! Here’s what we started with.

We left in 58 degree rain. I rode with Rodney Sterling and Mike Bruso. Great team. Slow and steady. We stopped a few times for Rodney’s clutch issues and my luggage rack and tailight problems. Nothing was a show stopper so we kept rolling!! Helping each other as we accumulated the miles. The rain haunted us the entire 276 miles!

We made sure to stop for the ten point quiz given each day.

All in all we made all miles!

There are two hotels tonight so we were separated for the nightly bike work. I did my preventative maintenance tonight and was glad I did. Found a lot of loose fasteners.

Bike is running great! It will be good to see a lot of friends tomorrow in Manitowoc and Milwaukee. Around 7:20 the sweep truck came in with six bikes. Out of respect for the riders I will NOT post the pictures of the trailer with their bikes. Very emotional to be on the trailer as I know from my Cannonball event.

So the bike is all done and locked together with a fellow rider.

And in the room charging up my battery and odometer!

Up at 4:45 tomorrow to pack bike and get to different hotel for the sendoff.


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