Well today was the official start of The Chase. Started the day with an all Riders meeting to review the rules involved with this competition. After this we all prepared for the prologue ride to a local park. Here is where we lined up for the group shot. Also had a nice group of Badgers!

At the conclusion of the group shot the official “race” began. As the green flag came down the miles now count!

Most of us then completed the 13 miles back to the hotel. Yes I said most. There were a few who has bike issues and were not able to complete this first day. They will be feverishly working through the night to be able to start in the morning.

Later in the day we had the banquet to enjoy each other’s company and have a great dinner.

Wrapped up at 9:00pm and I headed to room to straighten all my gear. Will be up at 5am to pack the bike. On the road at 7:45 to Ludington, MI. I’m ready!

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