Today took us from Billings to Great Falls. I was able to make all miles within the time limits.

The very fist mile proved to be one of the most difficult section of road; a huge hill! Almost made it up and had to pedal to get over top. After that it was 100 miles of flat straight roads.

At each gas stop riders meet and chat. Here is Tom

And we are all draining and adding new oil. I drain and add two ounces to my crankcases.

The weather was cold and we had some light rain.

We also have a lot of laughs!

Tomorrow we will be heading to Kalispell for the night.

This ride has been, and continues to be the most difficult and challenging motorcycle ride I have ever been on. Man and machine. I am honored to be here among some fantastic enthusiasts. Forming and building on relationships. I’m hooked.

One Reply to “Stage 11: perfect score”

  1. Great to see you enjoying the ride. I feel like I’m right there with you. Thanks for continuing to update the post. I look forward to this every morning.


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