So we have made a perfect score in all 10 days of competition. (prologue and nine stages). Today was a perfect day humming along at 38 MPH on flat straight roads. Bike has never run so good! I was thrilled as I watched the odometer tip over to 100 miles. Looking forward to lunch 20 miles down the road.

Then at mile 114 the engine quit. Drifted over to road side to assess the situation. Traced all wires and checked continuity and voltage. To no avail. So I gave in to load the bike up on the trailer.

I was able to celebrate 114 miles of great riding today! After this mishap we stopped at a gas station and I caught up with Rebecca.

I was all smiles because of what I had accomplished so far. Before the day was over more bikes joined me.

Once back at the hotel we discovered the issue in 5 minutes. A broken exhaust valve.

So we replaced the valve and are running!

Tomorrow is another day. And I’ll have a little different perspective. One mile at a time.

8 Replies to “Stage 10: disappointment”

  1. One little hiccup and today is a new day. Glad the problem was solved. You and Brent and Dan are unbeatable and you should be so proud. Enjoy today’s ride and know that your fan club is cheering you on.

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  2. Now the pressure is off Chris. Enjoy the ride the rest of the way. Glad you are up and running again. You have a phenomenal accomplishment to look back on. Great team #9!


  3. Aw Shucks what a bummer ,cant do nuten bout dat 107 year old parts an all . Happy to hear you had a replacement and are up and running .better days are ahead .TEAM # 9 RULES !!!

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  4. Hey, Chris!

    I didn’t have a chance to meet you and your team at the start line in Portland, Maine, but have greatly enjoyed your blog over the past ten days. I’m Vern Acres’ (No. 114) sister, writing from Ottawa, Canada. Looking forward to hearing about the remainder of your ride, and wishing you and yours the very best!!!! I’ll be watching for you again in 2020…..

    Maureen Acres

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