So here we are at 11pm after getting everything all sorted. Here’s what my morning ride looked like at 6:50am.

And here’s my view later in the afternoon.

I usually ride with the other class 1 guys for a while. We then get separated and I’m usually last. So a lot of time spent alone. My best way to travel.

Today was tough. 274 miles in hot sunny weather. But I made all miles within the time.

Lots of open roads and not too many cities to navigate through.

Bike is running excellent but no brakes again today. Brent and Dan got right on it and happy to say it appears all will be better tomorrow.

The trailer is working out excellent!

And installing new leather lagging on the front pulley.

I’m beat. 313 miles tomorrow.

Good night.

5 Replies to “Stage 8”

  1. Its been so much fun to follow along with you every day. Your little blogs are wonderful to read about how the day went. Thanks for keeping up with us and keep up the great ride! You’re doing fantastic!! Best of luck on the next long leg.. šŸ˜‰ We’re pulling for you!! šŸ™‚

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