What a day. It was only 228 miles and I thought easy sailing. Ran out of gas at 75 miles. A rider stopped to give me enough to get to station. Thanks Doug!

Hot day today. Here’s two videos of what I say all 9 hours in the saddle

I am humbled be the people that showed up to visit with me today. Sorry I did not have time to spend as my task at hand is to keep me and the bike running.

We found a couple of issues with bike tonight and glad to say we had the parts to fix.

We got “all the miles” today. This is the phrase riders use when they meet at night. It’s the most important part of the ride to get all your miles.

Here’s what goes on at every gas stop. I change my oil every gas fill.

So here it is at 10:30 and I’ll be up at 5am to start the day. Tomorrow will be challenging.

Thanks again for all the wonderful messages. It is what’s keeping me motivated!

16 Replies to “Stage 6”

  1. You have a huge team Chris… your team on the road and every one of us who would love to be riding those miles also. We are with you on every mile you ride. Be strong and have fun!

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  2. Great seeing you. Best of luck on the rest of your journey. Maybe consider boots with thick leather soles? You have big hills ahead. I know you will make it. Much love to you and your team. Go Team Effort!

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