Wow what a roller coaster day!

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This is the Cannonball. Expect the unexpected. After a perfect 19 mile practice ride (to better understand the paper scroll route map) I was one block away when the rear brakes locked up solid! Thank God I kept the bike upright. We got the bike back to our tent and pulled everything apart. Here’s what we found.

The gouge on the left should not be there. This is what caused the lock-up. I called a Daws in California and he is sending me new parts tomorrow. In the meantime Brent says I can fix that! So he brazed new material and machines to size.

We assembled parts.

And together it went!

Went for a ride to make sure all OK.

So now I am again in seventh heaven, after being totally depressed after brake issue.

Whew, what a day. 17 days to go.

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