Well the 19 mile practice ride went flawless until .1 mile from end. Rear brakes locked up solid!

Pulled wheel and tear apart in six minutes. The brass sleeve damaged. Also bearing race pitted. Called the expert who is next day mailing parts we need. So in theory if all goes well I’ll be up and running again by 11am.

Welcome to the Cannonball!

5 Replies to “First issue!!”

  1. Chris I am sharing your post with all the staff at North Cascades Harley Davidson up here in Washington we are all pulling for you
    Good Luck
    Ride that baby wide open

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  2. Chris,better to have that happen during the test run than have yourself broke down along the way,I thought to remind you maybe you should but 2 of these parts just in case something happens again,I would hate to see you left behind,your such a great person who won’t be left behind as I know your gonna fix and be back in the race quicker than quick……

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