It has been a while since I posted. That DOES NOT mean I have been idle with this project. Only means I have not taken the time to upload photos, and post. So here are the random photos to “bring us up to date”.

Here is the bottom left drain plug on the crankcase. This is used to drain the oil after riding a number of miles. The oil system on this bike is “total loss” meaning the oil travels from the oil tank (in the gas tank assembly), and does not recirculate back to the oil tank. At some point this oil must be drained from the crankcase or it will accumulate and create too much resistance on the flywheels.

So step one is to loosen the plug without damaging. Kroil and heat to the rescue.


And another success! Complete with 80 year old water draining out!



Now on to the left pivot on the handlebar. Been soaking for two months, so let’s try to loosen up.


With some heat and tapping, the shaft is coming out! And in fact came out unscathed and able to be re-used! That’s two for two!


OK, now on to the pedal assembly again. Here is the pedal crank housing on the frame. All parts removed in useable condition.


Here is one of the bearing eccentrics. Useable! Notice one perfect threaded hole, and the other (at 9:00) still needing to be removed.



Broken off bolt to be removed.


All good!



OK, on to the pedals…….soaking in a covered container of 50/50 acetone and ATF. Room temperature. Parts were frozen solid……even after 3 weeks.



So….let’s help the process along. Heat with a hot plate (CAREFUL!!! Acetone very flammable). So after 15 minutes of a slow boil……..


….the parts all came apart with no damage. Secret sauce!



Even though all pieces now came apart does not mean they will be useable…. Here are the end bearing cones. The ball bearings were all there but not useable. I would like to be able to either make new ones, or find some old pegs to salvage these pieces.



These are the bearing cones that are the opposite side of the above cones. These need to be cleaned better to determine if useable…..




And the two main pedal shafts. These might be able to be machined smooth again. We shall see….



OK….so now all caught up with photos and commentary. Stay tuned for the next post. Thanks for looking.

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