Well sooner or later I had to rip apart the front rim. To make sure I could at least come close when I re-lace this wheel with new spokes and a new rim, I made this crude diagram to ensure new spokes are routed the proper way. A long way to go before this exercise takes place!


I was actually surprised how many nipples I could loosen up! Of the 36 spokes on this wheel, I would say I was able to remove 25 of them! A good spoke wrench is essential!


OK, now that they are all removed let’s take a close look at the hub.



When I received the bike, there were no bearings or axle in the front hub. This unit seems solid enough and I do plan on using again. No cleaning will be done, except for the grease filling threads and bearing races.



Actually not too bad after some initial cleaning.



A little closer look shall we! Looks re-useable to me!



So I will need to final polish the bearing surfaces, obtain the proper bearings, spacers, washers, and axle. Once I am happy with the hub rebuild, I will then obtain new spokes and lace up the new wheel! Over and out for now.



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